17 December, 2008


Christmas is upon us yet again. I am sure that as we get older the weeks get shorter. I am as sure as eggs that when I was a kid that christmas came around a lot longer than it does now.
Blink and easter will be here.

I haven't been up to much. A baby shower and christmas get together at Danielle's with a few friends, Morning tea each Friday at Gloria Jean's with a few friends (if you wish to join us we meet approx 9-9.30am), sewing boxers for DS and dresses for DD, making christmas cards, spending money (who doesn't) and hanging out with my kids. They aren't such a bad bunch if you can see past their constant bickering with each other, their constant yelling at each other, their constant fighting.

Life is for living it is too short.

01 December, 2008

Happy Birthday Teenager

Yes! I am the mother of a teenager - a teenage daughter no less.

Wow, and life at my house is just yahoo!! party!! mood swings!! little brother bashing!! shall I go on......

I can hear all of you out there that have young daughters going that will never happen in my house - ha ha ha ha that is what I thought too.

Those of you out there that have older daughters are saying that she will grow out of it in the next 5-6 years or never get better and it never ends.

I have earnt every grey hair on my head since she turned 10.

10 November, 2008

Where do I start? Since my last entry, so much has happened.

I went to see the school counsellor at my DD high school and whilst there dd’s mobile phone received a text message. (Nothing unusual I heard you think) but it was from a friend of DD who was in class with dd. It was a picture text message with a photo of DD, friend who sent text and another friend (all in school uniform) posing in the students toilet mirror.

Needless to say, the school counsellor was on the phone immediately to the class teacher and asked where texter was at. Where upon the teacher was advised that the texter had just texted whilst in class.

I left in my trusty little car and got as far as the school car park when the Year coordinator phoned my mobile and asked if I could return to the school as the Year coordinator had caught my dd with a mobile phone, which wasn’t hers. Although she had claimed that it was, to the coordinator and he knew that this was a lie!

I returned to the school, went looking for the Year coordinator and found both my dd and the texter sitting in front of the Year coordinator office door (both appeared unfazed by the ordeal of being caught flouting the school rules).

A chat between myself, Year coordinator and school counsellor we decided that my dd would be put in detention for the rest of the day where she was to pick up rubbish and to also sit where she could be seen by any and all teachers who passed by the fish bowl. The texter I believe also got a similar detention but had to sit in the deputy principles office.

Upon returning home DD was put on a further 1 month ban making the total now to 2 months. This did not faze DD at all.

After getting home from DD's school I found that had my external Hard Drive had crashed big time and have lost all photos from the past 18 months lost as stupid me didn’t back them up to CD. Stupid me relying upon my fancy hard drive not to fail. I lost everything i had done or was working on in the past 18 months lost, gone forever. STUPID STUPID ME!!!

Then to top off a really fantastic day I was sacked from my job (yes you saw it right I was sacked) no real reason was given, except that I was more expensive to employ than a junior was. So much for experience!!

Therefore, that made my day just absolutely peachy. However, I did get to spend time with my rug rats over the school holidays. In addition, that was punishment for DD, as she had to hang out with mum all holidays.

OK, that said DD has since again broken the ban twice more: sneaking makeup from my room and putting it on behind her bedroom door as I am trying to enter her room to put away her folding. And her best excuse the second time was “I didn’t steal it mum, I put it on in your room mum, using your mirror mum, so I didn’t steal it mum, I just borrowed it”. Bravo for originality DD.

In between all this hoo-ha, I have managed to scrap quite a few layouts. I didn’t get many of my own done when I was working – I have trouble using other people’s photos, because you don’t know the people in the photos of the occasions behind the photos and whether or no the people are still together or had passed away. I am sure you know what I mean. I don’t have trouble using photos of friends as you know most of your friend’s family and it is not so hard.

I think in total I have scrapped 30 layouts in the past 6 weeks – hand written journaling and all!

DH is still working but his work runs out in the next week or so (this crush is finishing up) so hopefully he can get this other job being offered around town to work away for 5 days and come home for 5 days (I like the sound of that too!!)

Back in early August (several days after DS’s communion), I had a suspicious mole removed from my Right shin (4 stitches) and found it to be a malignant BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma – skin cancer of sorts). This would refuse to heal and I have since had it re-excised (I had 15 stitches this time) and have since been given the all clear and the wound has healed quite well.

I am not afraid of scars as I was bought up with scars all around me. My mum has scars covering almost 40% of her body. When she was 11 camping at the beach with her family in 1960 (mum is #8 of 11 children), she was lighting a Metho stove to make dinner, it blew-up, and she is lucky to be alive. Her brother rolled her burning body out in the sand and mum had multiply skin grafts. Therefore, scars don’t worry me at all.

I am saddened to hear that the local SSS scrap club is wrapping up after 3 years. Nevertheless, I do understand that family issues come first.

Best of Luck to Cassie and Petrina on their future adventures through the path of life.

Take care all,
p.s. I will endeavour to post pics of layouts shortly.

17 September, 2008

Just when you think things can't get any worse

Well they do 10 fold.
DD has been caught breaking the ban I put in place (on Friday) She was caught out on Sunday when she snuck onto the Internet. To which she then lied to me saying that she wasn't using the Internet but I found out otherwise when I went through the website history on the family computer. So her ban is now for 2 months - it would have only been for 1 extra week but she lied and got caught lying so I made it and extra month instead. I am determined to make sure she understands that by telling the truth straight up is only going to get you into a small amount of trouble and by lying and then get caught doing so is going to get you more time out.
Last night I went through her room where I found make-up in a small Tupperware container hidden in her knickers draw. I then proceeded to go through her school bag and found the school diary (to which a parent is to sign each weekend) and found a note from the pc teacher telling me that DD had been given a bin duty as a punishment for disobeying a directive given not once but twice she disobeyed this order. This note was written in the school diary on Monday and my DD forged my signature to say that I had read the note. The Yr 8 coordinator had also left a note in the diary advising me that he expected not to see "white out" used in school diaries. This is again where my DD was going to forge my signature (she admitted finally after many more lies) I then found out the DD has been forging my signature for over 6 months using my signature to get out of participating in classes etc.
I asked her where the make-up had come from she stated then that she had phoned a class mate on Saturday (again breaking the ban) to buy her some make-up and bring it to school on Monday. DH had given both kids pocket money (I wasn't happy that DH had given DD money as she is on a ban). The class mate was to bring the rest of the make-up to school tomorrow (Wednesday). Bells are ringing here as DD story didn't add up and this didn't sit well with me at all as DH had only given DD the pocket money on Sunday afternoon. ????????
So needless to say I was so mad that I sent DD straight to bed after she had told numerous lies to cover up her forgeries. Therefore, I spent hours on the Internet last night trying desperately trying to get a direct email address for a teacher, but this is near on impossible to do and a generic email address is listed on the school website, so I tried my luck with it.
Early this morning I phoned the school requesting an urgent appointment with the Yr 8 Coordinator, DD's pc teacher and the school counsellor. I got an appointment with the Yr 8 Coordinator and DD's pc teacher first thing this morning to discuss DD deceptions, forgeries etc (but unfortunately the school counsellor was busy but made time to talk with my DD late this afternoon).
Both teachers were shocked that DD had been forging my signature for 6 months but the pc teacher said that she was getting suspicious about my not adding notes into DD's diary. I was advised that DD had 3 detentions last week, 2 for her make-up and 1 for her hair, now was my turn to be shocked.
Yr 8 Coordinator & the pc teacher were told of DD being bullied only a few weeks back by a fellow class mate.
They were both also advised of DD cuddling at school last week with her boyfriend, they were unaware that this had happened but knew who the boy was without my having to tell them who he was they just knew when I told them that the boy was 15 and DD is only 12.
After 1 hour of my trying to keep it together and not beat the living daylights out of DD for her constant deceptions, lies etc. We (myself, the Yr 8 Coordinator & the pc teacher) decided that DD would be constantly monitored by all her teachers and a report would be given to me by the end of next month as to her applying herself to her school work.
I am so afraid that the school will not ask her back next year with all the troubles she has been in. This is why I took her along to this meeting so show her that I LOVE HER and that is why I am doing this so she doesn't ruin a perfectly excellent education that we can give her (something I never had, and something my DH did but he threw it away to be Mr Cool).
During this meeting DD was once again asked about the make-up and when was she to get the rest back from her fellow classmate, DD said that she would get it later today from the classmate but the Yr 8 Coordinator said that he would get it from the classmate instead and I could collect it from the school office after school.
At the end of this meeting the Yr 8 Coordinator said he would go now and see the classmate and collect the makeup. This is when DD stated that she had stolen the makeup from where I had hidden it in my cupboard. This is what I had suspected all along, as the makeup was in a Tupperware container identical to those that I have in my cupboard. So DD is in more trouble as both the Yr 8 Coordinator & the pc teacher had seen DD lying outright in front of them. DD said she didn't want her classmate in trouble as the classmate didn't know anything about the make-up. DD admitted that the pocket money that DH had given her she had spent buying lunch and afternoon tea for all her friends.

I am not happy at all with all this rubbish my DD is putting us, as parents, through. But I will persist to try to show her right from wrong in the only way I know how.

After leaving the school this morning I had morning tea with Sandra and her DD but I was disgusted to find out that someone in my home had taken money from my purse. I don't know which child it was but, I can honestly say that DD does have a tuck shop at school that is open everyday and the DS's tuck shop is only open 2 days per week and that they can only buy things if it is ordered by a parent via the paper bag system.

This afternoon after school DD came home (after seeing the school counsellor) and made an apple crumble. The school counsellor suggested to DD that she do some housework to try and make amends this way and to also help my making tea once in awhile.
I have requested an appointment for myself to see the school counsellor on Friday so I can see what she suggests I do further with DD and her destructive behaviour towards herself, us as family and towards her future.

What do I do??? Where do I go from here??? Any suggestions???

14 September, 2008

Teenagers (where do I start????)

I can honestly tell you that having a teenager (almost) is not any fun whatsoever! I had to forsake my weekly morning tea with the girls last Friday morning (sorry Sandra).

Last Thursday morning I approached my DD & asked about her New Boyfriend and whether they were thinking about cuddling and kissing at school and was told a blatant NO!! MUM OOH YUCK!

Then to my utmost horror I read her text messages (later that night) from her new boyfriend (mind you he is 15 she is not yet 13) saying he loved the cuddles they shared during the lunch break in the school library. Well any mother would possibly hit the roof drag the child from their slumber and possibly beat them senseless (that is what I want to do) but I held my cool and phoned her father who was at work in the truck between here and the next town. So he promptly phoned the young man and told him to cool the relationship as the 3 year gap in their ages was not wise. To which he agreed to. And then promptly texted my DD re: said phone call saying he was happy to cool the relationship for a while.

So when DD woke Friday morning she was told her mobile phone was being taken away from her and denied that anything happened at school the previous day until proof was shown to her via the text messages.

During the trip to school my DD stole the Sim card from her mobile phone while my back was turned.

As I am at my wits end so I decided to go & see the counsellor at her school just to discuss what I could possibly do with this relationship with this older boy. I was horrified to know that the counsellor already knew the boy and the relationship he had with a younger student at the school but she didn't know which girl. I also found out during this visit that this boy was known to all the teachers for various reasons. But the counsellor was not surprised that he had chosen my DD (as she is a beautiful girl) as she fits the profile of the type of girls he likes. I also find out that the boys name my DD had told me wasn’t his name at all.

I wanted to show the counsellor some of the text messages sent between them and it is then I found out that she has stolen the Sim card from her mobile phone. I was gutted that my DD would steal the card. The counsellor calls DD to the office and asks for the Sim card to which she was told she lost it. After an hour of to & froing between DD friends in the search for the missing Sim card. DD is told to go back to class and I would cancel her Sim card when I got home but as a last ditch effort I ask her to check her pockets 1 more time and surprise surprise guess what the Sim card was in her pocket the whole time. Mind you though I could see it in her pocket the whole time but was hoping she would hand it over willingly. So needless to say I was HURT not angry but HURT that she looked me in the eye and blatantly lied to me and the counsellor.

I was at the counsellor's office for 2 hours but we did decide that the best way to deal with this situation is to speak with the boy and tell him to back off as he is breaking the school rules and it is illegal to have any relations with a child under 16.

After she got home from school she was told of the consequences of her actions. After the initial YOU EMBARRASS ME! I HATE YOU! I WISH I WAS DEAD! YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE! Blah Blah Blah. She was told she is banned from mobile phones, Internet, computer, home phone, digital camera, hair straightener, hair dryer, make-up, nail polish etc for at least the next month. Although there is a condition on the Internet & PC she is to be supervised & only school projects to done.

So I am not sure how this will go tomorrow at school but she has been quite good so far. The boy phoned on Friday night & she was allowed to speak with him for 5 minutes in front of me. Her best friend phoned Saturday night and she left a message asking for DD her return her call but this message was not forwarded onto DD, she can find out tomorrow at school.

I text the boy Friday night and told him (as my DD) that friends is all they should be. To my delight he agreed to this. But I am yet to see if anything happens tomorrow at school about this situation.

So I have to have 10 sets of eyes on her at all times to make sure she doesn't do anything silly like stealing my mobile phone. She was also talked to about suicide in case she thought about it (from personal experience she is aware of how suicide affects those left behind)

DD has good behaviour at present (but still annoys the crap out of DS) and is hoping that I will relent and let her have her hair straightener in time for school tomorrow morning and her mobile phone as her alarm is set on it to wake her. Keep wishing DD Keep wishing!!!!

17 August, 2008

Good News at last

Yes! you read right. My niece is on her way home from the hospital as I type (she is on the train home right now and will arrive home at approx 10pm). She does have to go back in about 6 weeks time to have the creases made in her ear, as at the moment her new ear it is like a pocket of sorts.

14 August, 2008

Prayers please

On Tuesday afternoon my niece Summer-Rose underwent several hours of extensive reconstruction on her Right ear at the Royal Women's & Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Summer had a rib and cartilage removed and used to make the creases in her ear (she was born with only 1 full ear and a bud of flesh for her other, she has no ear opening either but she does have an eardrum).

My sister and mum are both staying at Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. Next time I visit or go through the drive through at McDonald's I definitely will be leaving a nice donation (something I haven't done before) to say "Thank You" for their care and compassion they have showed towards my family during their stay down there for the next week or so.

On my family's return to RMH Tuesday evening they had a near death experience (my mum's words) as the walk back to RMH is only 1 kilometre but they had to walk on the footpath that was barely 1 metre wide as there is road works going on outside the hospital. So needless to say is was quite scary for them as the traffic was flat out and full on at that hour of the evening.

Last evening I phoned the hospital to enquire on my niece's health and was advised by the great nurses on her ward that she was doing just fine, she has several drains attached to her neck and ear. And she is in control of her pain via a morphine syringe driver. She has finally had something to eat, drink and passed urine too. As she was too scared to do so before now in case she vomited (something she don't like doing - who does?).

13 August, 2008

Sassafrass Lass Class

Scrapcrazy attended my class tonight and wow we blitzed the lesson for 2 pages in 1 & 1/2 hours instead of the 3 hours it normally would have taken. I have some more Sassafrass Lass pages on the boil for next weeks class.

Here are a few pages that I have done using the wonderful papers, what do you think of their papers???

02 August, 2008

The Big Night has arrived

Some of you may know that it is Confirmation, First Communion and Euchrist time again. My son's was earlier tonight at Holy Rosary Church here in Bundaberg.
Doesn't he look smashing in his little tuxedo!!! A real little man...

Not to be outdone DD also dressed up for the occassion (if she had her way she would have outshone DS on his big night.) Miss M had used up all her battery power on her dig camera before the night had begun, taking photos left, right and centre before we got to the church. (I have no idea where she gets that from NO IDEA what so ever!!!) LOL.

I do have other photos but they will have to wait until Monday when Camera House opens as I borrowed a Very Good Friends film camera for tonight as my dig camera is crap at taking night-time pictures. THANK YOU SANDRA for the loan of the camera and popping into the church tonight you could not have timed your visit any better. I was thrilled to know that you made the time and effort to come along I really really do appreciate our friendship!!!

Okay enough waffle I heard you all say, so good night from me.


What a poser

25 July, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

That is so right rain rain stay today.....

This little treasure decided to stop off on our balcony railing Wednesday afternoon for a little R & R due to the rain. He/She was absolutely drenched to the bone. So being the nosey parker that I am I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by not to take it's picture.

22 July, 2008

Where was I today???

Today I wasn't at work as I was attending my Uncle Bob's funeral back home. While the funeral was held at the crematorium it was still a lovely service. Rest In Peace Uncle Bob. While I was close to the cementary I went to visit my Grandparents graves also.

It was nice to see relatives despite the circumstances we met up under today.

Mum was with me and she wasn't looking the best to be honest. She returned from her almost 2 weeks vacation only last night.

While back home I went to see my sister but unfortunatley she wasn't in a great place today (I can't elaborate anymore as I don't wish to upset her more than she is at the moment). Little Sis if you read this tonight remember

and I hope that the kids loved the cake when they got home from school. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but you know how it is (sorry everyone else - family secrets).
Till tomorrow

21 July, 2008

What have I been up to lately...

Well here are 2 layouts I have done in the past week from just 1 layout pack from work. My DD loves to take photos of herself in the mirror. Hard to admit but she does take a great photo from time to time from her point & shoot digital camera.

28 June, 2008

What can I say

It has been nippy here recently, the bleeping cold breeze blows through you like a hard cold knife.

Miss M has just finished her 1st semester at high school and hopefully she toed the line, time will tell when her report card comes in the mail. Maybe, if we could get her away from the mirror, make-up and hair straightener we might see more of her.

His Nibs did well at school this semester and coping well with his big sis not being there. He comes home each day with a "How was your day Mum?" (don't you just love it when they ask about your well being - but can tend to drive you batty when they ask 5 times a day because they forgot that they had already asked!)

Friends are few and far between but all are well. Would love to catch up more with Shannon and bub but time is so sparse lately. Hope you are both well Shannon.

Mum is off on a weeks holidays soon so be safe mum (hope that Qantas isn't on strike then or she's several $100's down the drain)

Think of you Lil' Sis!

22 May, 2008

Welcome Back

Oh my Gosh! What a week. Sew whats crafty expo, the local show, my son's 9th Birthday and all in the 2 weeks before WINTER gets here officially!!!!

I have heard many whispers around town that all who attended enjoyed the Sew Whats Crafty Expo (I know I did).

I also heard that the Retreat held on the same weekend was a Huge Success (as usual) I have heard that there was more food than anyone could imagine. I am glad that all attendees enjoyed themselves. I was missing naturally as I had to work but thems the breaks. You lucky buggers.

Nothing much else happening except OH MY GOSH WINTER IS COMING BRR BRR (I hate winter).

My friends out there who happen to peek at my blog you are invited to This 'N' That Scrap Shack on Friday Night 30th May 2008 from 6.00 p.m. till Midnight for a Crop Till You Drop.

I will be in attendance minding the shop while you can scrap, shop or chat for 6 uninterrupted hours. Hot Tea/Coffee/Milo will also be there along with nibbles/snacks. Email me if you want to come along because space is limited to 12.

Also WELCOME HOME to Shannon & Jie they are back here in Bundy after visiting the family interstate. I hope to catch up soon with them as Jie is growing so quick.


Nothing much else to report so best get back to work and finish some more layouts.

23 April, 2008

1st Day of work for 3 Months

Yes! again I am back in employment since being replaced while on sick leave in January, I did not have a job to return to when I recovered.

I had a lovely 1st day, it was so nice to see a few friends drop in and wish me well on my first day. But I hope to see more of you over the coming days/weeks. I am in store all day tomorrow so I hope to see someone tomorrow.

My mum comes to visit by train tomorrow. It has been nearly 5 months since she was here last. Yes, I did go down to see her just around Christmas time & her birthday, so it will be nice to have her here even though she is only here for a few short days.

Well got to run screaming ratbags (I mean kids) to feed, chores to be done, and sleeping to be had (hopefully).


Teacher!! Yes beware that will be me come next week....

Yes, you read correctly I started work today at This 'N' That Scrap Shack !!!! So if you are out and about drop in a yes "Hello" because I would love to see you.

Now off on another track - don't forget my regular blog friends/readers (you know who you are) about scrapping my place this Friday night.

20 April, 2008

Potential teacher???

Yes, you read right I am a potential scrapbooking teacher for a local scrapbooking/craft shop here in town.

I have done in the last 2 day 3 layouts 2 cards and still have leftovers from the 3 layout packs I bought on Friday afternoon.

Here is a layout that I have done for Crafting In Style's Mothly Sketch Challenge for April.

10 April, 2008


yep that's me..................

I know it has been 4 months since my last blog but, nothing really interesting has happened.

I have completed 20+ layouts since last school holidays. Insomnia I don't recommend it to anyone.

I have been getting together with a few friends and scrapping every 2nd Friday night. My house on the 25th. Since the local hangout was been sold it isn't the same going there on Friday nights. I felt very uncomfortable on my last visit there. Oh well thems the breaks.

Catch you all again soon.