29 March, 2011


Yes, FOUND ruler & scissors too.

Both my darling children had these items buried under 2 tonne of crap on their bedroom floors.

My son had my ruler ("but you said it was white, mum").  I went through his bedroom like a cyclone & took out 2 full garbage bags full of rubbish/crap/paper/wool.  Under his toy rubbish bin (like those sold at Reject Shop) was my RULER!!!!!  He helped me empty my scrapping goodies from 20 Feb visit & borrowed my ruler cause just cause & forgot to return it mum.

My daughter looked me in the eye on the way to school "No, mum I didn't take your scissors I have my own"  but low and behold I found them on her makeup table under crap/makeup/hair extensions.  When confronted with this she stated "I don't know how they got there mum".

KIDS WHO'D HAVE THEM!!!!!!  If you do I have 2 free, toilet trained & mannered.

09 March, 2011

Lost - Sunday 20th February 2011

I have lost my 30 cm Clear Plastic with a Stainless Steel cutting Edge ruler with 1/2 cm or 5 mm black markings thru the centre.  I love this much missed ruler. (add TEARS  here)
Last seen at the Sunday Scrap Session.  I may have dropped it either to or from my car, or left it on my table.   Please let me know if you may have seen it or picked it up.
Many thanks in advance (should it return to its mourning mummy)