22 May, 2008

Welcome Back

Oh my Gosh! What a week. Sew whats crafty expo, the local show, my son's 9th Birthday and all in the 2 weeks before WINTER gets here officially!!!!

I have heard many whispers around town that all who attended enjoyed the Sew Whats Crafty Expo (I know I did).

I also heard that the Retreat held on the same weekend was a Huge Success (as usual) I have heard that there was more food than anyone could imagine. I am glad that all attendees enjoyed themselves. I was missing naturally as I had to work but thems the breaks. You lucky buggers.

Nothing much else happening except OH MY GOSH WINTER IS COMING BRR BRR (I hate winter).

My friends out there who happen to peek at my blog you are invited to This 'N' That Scrap Shack on Friday Night 30th May 2008 from 6.00 p.m. till Midnight for a Crop Till You Drop.

I will be in attendance minding the shop while you can scrap, shop or chat for 6 uninterrupted hours. Hot Tea/Coffee/Milo will also be there along with nibbles/snacks. Email me if you want to come along because space is limited to 12.

Also WELCOME HOME to Shannon & Jie they are back here in Bundy after visiting the family interstate. I hope to catch up soon with them as Jie is growing so quick.


Nothing much else to report so best get back to work and finish some more layouts.


scrapcrazy said...

I must be one of very few that loves winter. Any excuse to cuddle up. Not that I need an excuse but if I did........ Yes we want to see more of your layouts on the walls. Where are they? What have you been doing? LOL. Enjoyed MT today. Will catch up next Friday for more MT if not before. Sandra xxx

Cassie and Co said...

Hey matey, good to see you making a post, I do check here weekly so I do need something to look at you know. Now Friday night??? I might just ask the hubby?? I'll get back to you, but I sure do want to catch up.
Yes the retreat was great, maybe you could make it next year??? It is in April first weekend, give it some thought. Have a great week.