25 April, 2012

ANZAC Day Poem


I saw a kid marchin’ with medals on his chest.
He marched alongside Diggers marching six abreast.
He knew that it was ANZAC Day - he walked along with pride.
He did his best to keep in step with the Diggers by his side.

And when the march was over the kid was rather tired.
A Digger said “Whose medals, son?” to which the kid replied:
“They belong to daddy, but he did not come back.
He died up in New Guinea on a lonely jungle track”.

The kid looked rather sad then and a tear came to his eye.
The Digger said “Don’t cry my son and I will tell you why.
Your daddy marched with us today - all the blooming way.
We Diggers know that he was there - it’s like that on ANZAC Day”.

The kid looked rather puzzled and didn’t understand,
But the Digger went on talking and started to wave his hand.
“For this great land we live in, there’s a price we have to pay
For we all love fun and merriment in this country where we live.
The price was that some soldier his precious life must give.

For you to go to school my lad and worship God at will,
Someone had to pay the price so the Diggers paid the bill.
Your daddy died for us my son - for all things good and true.
I wonder if you understand the things I’ve said to you”.

The kid looked up at the Digger - just for a little while
And with a changed expression, said, with a lovely smile:
“I know my dad marched here today - this is ANZAC Day.
I know he did. I know he did, all the bloomin’ way”.

D. Hunter
(A veteran of Shaggy Ridge with the 2/12 Battalion in WW2)

07 November, 2011

Recent In-Home Demonstration for Worldwide Week of Workshop with Stampin' Up!

Shandell requested a demo in her lovely home on Saturday, so not to disappoint I prepared 3 cards (2 were suggested by Stampin' Up! the other I scraplifted most of the idea (can not remember where from though).  Everyone went home with 3 cards and full tummies after all the lovely nibblies.  Thank you Shandell for inviting me over to demo some great products.

22 August, 2011

Heart attack - Better Health Channel

A heart attack occurs when one of the arteries that supplies blood to the heart is blocked. The underlying cause is coronary heart disease (CHD). Risk factors for CHD include smoking, a high total blood cholesterol level, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and increasing age. A heart attack is a medical emergency. Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance if you have warning signs of heart attack.

05 July, 2011

Gum Arabic

Does anyone know how to use GUM ARABIC?
I have some products that suggest to use it with Gum Arabic but at what ratio?
Pearl Ex and Luminaires are the products suggesting this...........

30 June, 2011

Experiment in progress

I am experimenting with my kids.  I have given each of them $50 to purchases their food for the next week.  This includes their snacks.  Why??? I hear you ask....  Well the truth is I am sick of hearing "Mum there is nothing to eat.  Mum what is for lunch, tea or breakfast?"  So off they both toddled into the supermarket. Miss M into Coles (so she can use her staff discount card, points to her for initiative) Mr G wanted to go to Aldi (points also to him as it is the cheapest in town)

Miss M purchased 1 bottle of coke for the week, well it didn't last past tea time as her BF was over for a meal and he loves coke.  She tried to keep it from him by pushing the half empty bottle under the table so he couldn't drink any more.

Mr G bought 3 bottles of softdrink costing less than Miss M's 1 bottle of coke.

The both bought meat. Miss M bought 2 piddly pork steaks for the price of 2kg's of mince the Mr G purchased.

Miss M bought lollies while Mr G purchased a cake mix and 1kg of yoghurt.  Now don't forget these kids are 15 1/2 & just turned 12.

I am not sure who will last the longest but I have a heavy feeling Mr G will.  Both did have some change left from their original $50.  There are allowed the use toilet paper, milk, eggs etc but all else thay have to provide.

Miss M had a pasta meal tonight with sauce & almost a whole bottle of coke (thanks to the BF Sam). 
Mr G had rissoles he made from the mince and a mixed salad (pre-mixed packet).  Mr G still has some left over for lunch tomorrow.

Let me know who you think will last the distance.....  Or if you try it out on your kids........