31 January, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday to me

As I mentioned in my last message I have fantastic friends.

This morning I popped into my son's school to see my friend Jodi (she was his Yr5 teacher & since then we have become friends).  Also the school's secretary shares the same birthday so I had to wish her a happy birthday (as you do).  The off to have a quick hot chocolate with Sarah (whom I have been friends with since our girls were in pre-school, way back in 2000) off to TAFE to enroll my princess into Cert III in Beauty Service (starts tomorrow night) a phone call later & I was off again to Gloria Jeans this time to have a cuppa tea with my Best Friend SANDRA.  We did a little shopping in Hinkler Place & off to Spotlight we went, just because.

Leaving Sandra at Spotlight, I headed home & facebooked a little, had a quick cat nap before the kids traipsed in.  Jodi popped in at about 5pm & we had a quick catch up (as we haven't really got together over the school holidays). Shower time & a quick dress & time for make-up.  Miss M did my make-up & I went through every dress I have owned since 1990 (for Jodi to wear, can't let her wear her school clothes out!!) Miss M then did Jodi's make-up too, but not before spitting on and ear bud & cleaning mascara from our faces - YUK!!!! ("but it did the job MUM" she claimed)

Off to the Brothers Club for dinner with the girls, 9 in total & 1 girl.  Sandra had me in a headband which flashed & stated that I am "Naughty & 40" plus a "Kiss Me It's My Birthday" badge.  The other guest wore masks or name tags that stated that they were either SEXY, DIVA or HORNY etc........
 A lovely dinner has eaten by all, then time for cake, which I must tell you was lovingly made by SANDRA.  As you can see from the above names you can guess what the shape of the cake was.....................
While we were all enjoying the cake a few elderly bystanders came by to give me a kiss on the forehead (well my badge did say to do it) before they & we all headed home.

I want to say a Huge THANK YOU to everyone who wished my a happy birthday, presents, flowers & cards.

I LOVE YOU ALL (especially you SANDRA) you have all made my day so thoroughly enjoyable. xxxxxxxxx

30 January, 2011


I know my posts here have been few and far between.

I just wanted to let you all know what I didn't realise until recently.  I have fantastic friends who love and care for me regardlessly.

Firstly, you want to know why I am surprised?  A few years back I thought I had a best friend (she was my maid of honour) and I was telling her a story about how I mentioned that she was my best friend, and then she hit me with a 10 tonne boulder, she told me that she only thought of me as someone she went-to-school-with-friend. WHAT!!! Then why did she agree back in 2000, to be my maid of honour and travel 12+ hrs by bus to do it??? I didn't & still don't understand this.

So, since then, I have been very careful not to get to close to any particular friend for fear of this happening again, I don't think I could have gone through that pain again.

But, on Friday afternoon I found out that I do have many friends who love me.  They are having a 40th birthday party for me tomorrow.  (My husband is away and he not into having any kind of party regardless of who it is or why, don't know why this is).

Thank you Sandra (All Things Crafty) for organising this, I really do appreciate it.  Yes, I did cry when Sandra phoned to let me in on her secret party in case there was someone else who I wanted to come along, because, I didn't think I am worthy of friends.  And now I know I am.

So Happy 40th Birthday to for tomorrow (Just to rub my hubby's nose in it for not throwing me a party, slacker)

Have a fantastic day everyone. xxxxxx