30 April, 2007

Retreat update

OK, OK!!! I know I have been slack with this blog......
I know that the retreat was last week-end & I didn't get there for the whole time but made it for the last 4 hours. I had to work on the Saturday & at the last moment was invited to a Stampin' Up party. So I made the most of the situation none the less.

I was there to witness what a mess 24 women can make when men or kids are not present.

I was welcomed into the hall with open smiles & why was I there earlier. I must say though through mess on the floor & layouts on the walls I could see that a lot of fun was had by all, including the scrapper (who will remain nameless for now) who stayed up from Saturday morning until Sunday evening, endevouring to finish the album she HAD to do!
Well done Sandra - you are one of a kind scrapper.......

Petrina & Cassie I am lead to believe were none the less spectular as always with their layout packs & amazing ideas for the whole week-end.

So now only 3 weeks to go until the Biggest Morning Tea Scrap Day. I hope Petina isn't going to run short of bottles. I endeavour to drop off my goodies to her this week (I promise Petrina).

I have some sad news today........................................
I didn't win the EDM competition held by For Keeps Magazine. I got my album this afternoon :-( Oh well maybe another time.

Until then - Take Care (but be careful doing it)