14 September, 2008

Teenagers (where do I start????)

I can honestly tell you that having a teenager (almost) is not any fun whatsoever! I had to forsake my weekly morning tea with the girls last Friday morning (sorry Sandra).

Last Thursday morning I approached my DD & asked about her New Boyfriend and whether they were thinking about cuddling and kissing at school and was told a blatant NO!! MUM OOH YUCK!

Then to my utmost horror I read her text messages (later that night) from her new boyfriend (mind you he is 15 she is not yet 13) saying he loved the cuddles they shared during the lunch break in the school library. Well any mother would possibly hit the roof drag the child from their slumber and possibly beat them senseless (that is what I want to do) but I held my cool and phoned her father who was at work in the truck between here and the next town. So he promptly phoned the young man and told him to cool the relationship as the 3 year gap in their ages was not wise. To which he agreed to. And then promptly texted my DD re: said phone call saying he was happy to cool the relationship for a while.

So when DD woke Friday morning she was told her mobile phone was being taken away from her and denied that anything happened at school the previous day until proof was shown to her via the text messages.

During the trip to school my DD stole the Sim card from her mobile phone while my back was turned.

As I am at my wits end so I decided to go & see the counsellor at her school just to discuss what I could possibly do with this relationship with this older boy. I was horrified to know that the counsellor already knew the boy and the relationship he had with a younger student at the school but she didn't know which girl. I also found out during this visit that this boy was known to all the teachers for various reasons. But the counsellor was not surprised that he had chosen my DD (as she is a beautiful girl) as she fits the profile of the type of girls he likes. I also find out that the boys name my DD had told me wasn’t his name at all.

I wanted to show the counsellor some of the text messages sent between them and it is then I found out that she has stolen the Sim card from her mobile phone. I was gutted that my DD would steal the card. The counsellor calls DD to the office and asks for the Sim card to which she was told she lost it. After an hour of to & froing between DD friends in the search for the missing Sim card. DD is told to go back to class and I would cancel her Sim card when I got home but as a last ditch effort I ask her to check her pockets 1 more time and surprise surprise guess what the Sim card was in her pocket the whole time. Mind you though I could see it in her pocket the whole time but was hoping she would hand it over willingly. So needless to say I was HURT not angry but HURT that she looked me in the eye and blatantly lied to me and the counsellor.

I was at the counsellor's office for 2 hours but we did decide that the best way to deal with this situation is to speak with the boy and tell him to back off as he is breaking the school rules and it is illegal to have any relations with a child under 16.

After she got home from school she was told of the consequences of her actions. After the initial YOU EMBARRASS ME! I HATE YOU! I WISH I WAS DEAD! YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE! Blah Blah Blah. She was told she is banned from mobile phones, Internet, computer, home phone, digital camera, hair straightener, hair dryer, make-up, nail polish etc for at least the next month. Although there is a condition on the Internet & PC she is to be supervised & only school projects to done.

So I am not sure how this will go tomorrow at school but she has been quite good so far. The boy phoned on Friday night & she was allowed to speak with him for 5 minutes in front of me. Her best friend phoned Saturday night and she left a message asking for DD her return her call but this message was not forwarded onto DD, she can find out tomorrow at school.

I text the boy Friday night and told him (as my DD) that friends is all they should be. To my delight he agreed to this. But I am yet to see if anything happens tomorrow at school about this situation.

So I have to have 10 sets of eyes on her at all times to make sure she doesn't do anything silly like stealing my mobile phone. She was also talked to about suicide in case she thought about it (from personal experience she is aware of how suicide affects those left behind)

DD has good behaviour at present (but still annoys the crap out of DS) and is hoping that I will relent and let her have her hair straightener in time for school tomorrow morning and her mobile phone as her alarm is set on it to wake her. Keep wishing DD Keep wishing!!!!


Sandra L said...

O M Goodness. I so can't wait until K gets there. NOT. K is already doing the hair and dressing herself up when we go out. One minute they are your baby and the next they are all grown up. Will talk to you on Wednesday morning. Sandra xxxxx

Helen said...

Well I don't envy you one bit either, I thought I had it bad with Miss 4 not holding hands to cross road saying 'I know all about cars!' I don't have any advice for you because I can't control a 4 yr old never mind a 12yr old! Good luck. See you Friday?