19 September, 2007

Scrap Day

If you are interested in coming along with me call Sandra & Carol at the CAC & book a place, but be quick there aren't too many places left.

18 September, 2007


I know I have been a slacker lately by not posting more often, but, I have just been soooooo busy trying to get donations for the club's Girls Nite In fundraiser being held in just over 3 weeks time. No easy feat I can tell you. I have been to so many stores both online & bricks & mortar but been denied repeatedly. Hey, I do understand that the get so many requests every week. So haven't been too disheartened though as I know that they can only do so much too.

However, I did get to meet our local member of parliament this morning, Mr. Rob Messenger, while I was at Mr. Jack Dempsey's office. Mr Messenger asked if I had "worked for the Queensland Cancer Council fundraiser before" I was stoked that he thought that as it means (to me) that I am getting out there and doing the best I can to promote the cause!!!!! Are you???

I will post again soon.

02 September, 2007


My son (this time) for OSS week 35 layout comp.

My NGAIRE BARTLAM jack for Sept 2007

This is my beautiful daughter. I have used papers on this month's asj comp from my lss' monthly comp (2 in 1 - woohoo). Hopefully there is no issues this month getting it up online..........!!!!!!!