02 August, 2010

Where have I been lately....

I have been asked this questions so many times since I last posted here.  So, where do I start?
Some of you may know that recently my DD had surgery to remove a 5cm cyst from her ovary.  Unfortunately, DD doesn't know how to sit still for any longer than 5 minutes and has managed to open her wounds up and got an infection in them too which required a visit back to the GP for antibiotics and dressings too.  She wouldn't let mum dress them to start with because mum might see something she isn't supposed to (I think she forgot that I powdered and wiped that area more times than I care to count and that I also have the same body parts - IS GROSE MUM)

I am still struggling to find a job that fits into school hours so I can be home with my kids, (since my DH works away from home 5 on and 5 off). I didn't have kids to pay someone else to do the same thing that I do for free.  They are my responsibility after all.  I have no issues with others that do!!!! So please don't send me any nasty messages or emails for my thoughts and the way I was raised.

I haven't scrapbooked a page for a whole year now.  Although I do from time to time think I should pull out my stash and do a page but I don't seem to have any urge to follow through with it.  But making a few cards on the other hand is different.  I have made about 200 or so since joining Stampin' Up 12 months ago, (wow hasn't the time gone by so quickly)!!!

My DH lost his licence almost 3 months ago now and it has driven me nuts.  I am so counting the hours till he gets it back.  Speeding is a dangerous thing and I do not recommend it to anyone.

On the final note: my mum is coming here later today but there is a motive behind her visit though, she is going to have an all over body mole scan done. She is only here for just over 32 hours, some visit hey!
Whereas she sees my other sisters at least once a week and another for a week straight (twice so far this year).  She was here for her 1st visit  in June which also lasted only 27 hours and she had with her my nieces and nephew (it was great to see them - No my sister didn't come with her children, just my mum did).

Wow, I did have a lot on my chest, considering the early hour of the morning it is now 2.30am.  My washing machine is doing it thing and I must toddle off to the shower and then to bed to count the minutes before my alarm clock goes off at 7am.  Being an insomniac is so much fun NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care all. xxx