14 August, 2008

Prayers please

On Tuesday afternoon my niece Summer-Rose underwent several hours of extensive reconstruction on her Right ear at the Royal Women's & Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Summer had a rib and cartilage removed and used to make the creases in her ear (she was born with only 1 full ear and a bud of flesh for her other, she has no ear opening either but she does have an eardrum).

My sister and mum are both staying at Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. Next time I visit or go through the drive through at McDonald's I definitely will be leaving a nice donation (something I haven't done before) to say "Thank You" for their care and compassion they have showed towards my family during their stay down there for the next week or so.

On my family's return to RMH Tuesday evening they had a near death experience (my mum's words) as the walk back to RMH is only 1 kilometre but they had to walk on the footpath that was barely 1 metre wide as there is road works going on outside the hospital. So needless to say is was quite scary for them as the traffic was flat out and full on at that hour of the evening.

Last evening I phoned the hospital to enquire on my niece's health and was advised by the great nurses on her ward that she was doing just fine, she has several drains attached to her neck and ear. And she is in control of her pain via a morphine syringe driver. She has finally had something to eat, drink and passed urine too. As she was too scared to do so before now in case she vomited (something she don't like doing - who does?).

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Sandra L said...

Hope your neice is doing well now Lorelle. Sandra xxx