22 July, 2008

Where was I today???

Today I wasn't at work as I was attending my Uncle Bob's funeral back home. While the funeral was held at the crematorium it was still a lovely service. Rest In Peace Uncle Bob. While I was close to the cementary I went to visit my Grandparents graves also.

It was nice to see relatives despite the circumstances we met up under today.

Mum was with me and she wasn't looking the best to be honest. She returned from her almost 2 weeks vacation only last night.

While back home I went to see my sister but unfortunatley she wasn't in a great place today (I can't elaborate anymore as I don't wish to upset her more than she is at the moment). Little Sis if you read this tonight remember

and I hope that the kids loved the cake when they got home from school. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but you know how it is (sorry everyone else - family secrets).
Till tomorrow

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