11 November, 2007

For Linda

I did this layout for Linda on Friday night at The Creative Artz Cottage's fortnightly Scrap N Chat. I hadn't been along for the several weeks and this is the first time I have scrapped in that time. I hope that she likes it.

Sadly and with deep regret

I tended my resignation, effective immediately, from the scrapbooking club to Petrina and Cassie early last month (before the Girls Nite In) so I am glad that WE raised so much money for the Cancer Council, it made my last get together with you all. I shall miss you all but, unfortunately, I felt I had no other option other that to do this.

But, on a different note, I shall be attending another Sunday scrap get together sessions elsewhere in Bundy (hopefully this eventuates). More details as they come to hand.

01 November, 2007

He's Home

Yes, we got home earlier today. BUT, if he doesn't keep anything down tonight he is back to hospital for an IV to be put in again.
He looks like death warmed up - completely different to the little man who came out of theatre with a smile. The anaethastic has really knocked him for a 12 (worse than a 6).
SO, we all had spaghetti (out of a tin kind) for tea, just so he would eat something (hope it stays down).
I can't afford another day off work, as I had 2 weeks off just 2 weeks ago, so if he is sick then Miss has to skip another day of school (as dad can't do 2 things at once apparently, but mums can do more than 2 at once!!)
More updates later.