10 June, 2007

Stampin' Up Sunday afternoon

Well this was a great afternoon. What fun did I have. I won 3 lucky door prizes. I made 5 great little gifts. Here is photos of 3.
Many thanks to Vicki, Katie, Veanne & Janine. What a fun afternoon, playing with new toys (not your own if more fun - so long as you don't break them).

I am going go to my children's next school P & F meeting & put it to them to have a fund-raiser stampin' up demo & all items made to be donated to the school to be sold at the school fete. I have already asked Katie & Janine if they would come along and they have agreed, so far so good.

Well, I am now officially the prizes organiser & collector for this years "Girls' Nite In" for the Cancer Council fund-raiser in October. Thank you to Petrina for organising all previous fund-raisers, I have really big shoes to fill. Anyone out there who has any suggestions on anything that they would like to see or do on the night please please let me know).

Take care,