23 April, 2008

1st Day of work for 3 Months

Yes! again I am back in employment since being replaced while on sick leave in January, I did not have a job to return to when I recovered.

I had a lovely 1st day, it was so nice to see a few friends drop in and wish me well on my first day. But I hope to see more of you over the coming days/weeks. I am in store all day tomorrow so I hope to see someone tomorrow.

My mum comes to visit by train tomorrow. It has been nearly 5 months since she was here last. Yes, I did go down to see her just around Christmas time & her birthday, so it will be nice to have her here even though she is only here for a few short days.

Well got to run screaming ratbags (I mean kids) to feed, chores to be done, and sleeping to be had (hopefully).



scrapcrazy said...

Congratulations Lorelle, I am so happy that you are happy again. I'll be in for that challenge pack first thing Thursday morning.

Helen said...

Great to see you today, and well done on talking me into this challenge. I have ran out of time to look for photos tonight so maybe tomorrow night I'll get started on it. I will bring it with me on Friday night. See you then.

Petrina McDonald said...

yay Lorelle!! Good on you mate :-)