02 August, 2008

The Big Night has arrived

Some of you may know that it is Confirmation, First Communion and Euchrist time again. My son's was earlier tonight at Holy Rosary Church here in Bundaberg.
Doesn't he look smashing in his little tuxedo!!! A real little man...

Not to be outdone DD also dressed up for the occassion (if she had her way she would have outshone DS on his big night.) Miss M had used up all her battery power on her dig camera before the night had begun, taking photos left, right and centre before we got to the church. (I have no idea where she gets that from NO IDEA what so ever!!!) LOL.

I do have other photos but they will have to wait until Monday when Camera House opens as I borrowed a Very Good Friends film camera for tonight as my dig camera is crap at taking night-time pictures. THANK YOU SANDRA for the loan of the camera and popping into the church tonight you could not have timed your visit any better. I was thrilled to know that you made the time and effort to come along I really really do appreciate our friendship!!!

Okay enough waffle I heard you all say, so good night from me.


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scrapcrazy said...

Hey there, right back at you. I think you nearly out shone Gianni. How great did you look!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I got there when I did. I did think that we might have missed it. Can't wait to see your other photos. Sandra xxxxxxxxx