10 November, 2008

Where do I start? Since my last entry, so much has happened.

I went to see the school counsellor at my DD high school and whilst there dd’s mobile phone received a text message. (Nothing unusual I heard you think) but it was from a friend of DD who was in class with dd. It was a picture text message with a photo of DD, friend who sent text and another friend (all in school uniform) posing in the students toilet mirror.

Needless to say, the school counsellor was on the phone immediately to the class teacher and asked where texter was at. Where upon the teacher was advised that the texter had just texted whilst in class.

I left in my trusty little car and got as far as the school car park when the Year coordinator phoned my mobile and asked if I could return to the school as the Year coordinator had caught my dd with a mobile phone, which wasn’t hers. Although she had claimed that it was, to the coordinator and he knew that this was a lie!

I returned to the school, went looking for the Year coordinator and found both my dd and the texter sitting in front of the Year coordinator office door (both appeared unfazed by the ordeal of being caught flouting the school rules).

A chat between myself, Year coordinator and school counsellor we decided that my dd would be put in detention for the rest of the day where she was to pick up rubbish and to also sit where she could be seen by any and all teachers who passed by the fish bowl. The texter I believe also got a similar detention but had to sit in the deputy principles office.

Upon returning home DD was put on a further 1 month ban making the total now to 2 months. This did not faze DD at all.

After getting home from DD's school I found that had my external Hard Drive had crashed big time and have lost all photos from the past 18 months lost as stupid me didn’t back them up to CD. Stupid me relying upon my fancy hard drive not to fail. I lost everything i had done or was working on in the past 18 months lost, gone forever. STUPID STUPID ME!!!

Then to top off a really fantastic day I was sacked from my job (yes you saw it right I was sacked) no real reason was given, except that I was more expensive to employ than a junior was. So much for experience!!

Therefore, that made my day just absolutely peachy. However, I did get to spend time with my rug rats over the school holidays. In addition, that was punishment for DD, as she had to hang out with mum all holidays.

OK, that said DD has since again broken the ban twice more: sneaking makeup from my room and putting it on behind her bedroom door as I am trying to enter her room to put away her folding. And her best excuse the second time was “I didn’t steal it mum, I put it on in your room mum, using your mirror mum, so I didn’t steal it mum, I just borrowed it”. Bravo for originality DD.

In between all this hoo-ha, I have managed to scrap quite a few layouts. I didn’t get many of my own done when I was working – I have trouble using other people’s photos, because you don’t know the people in the photos of the occasions behind the photos and whether or no the people are still together or had passed away. I am sure you know what I mean. I don’t have trouble using photos of friends as you know most of your friend’s family and it is not so hard.

I think in total I have scrapped 30 layouts in the past 6 weeks – hand written journaling and all!

DH is still working but his work runs out in the next week or so (this crush is finishing up) so hopefully he can get this other job being offered around town to work away for 5 days and come home for 5 days (I like the sound of that too!!)

Back in early August (several days after DS’s communion), I had a suspicious mole removed from my Right shin (4 stitches) and found it to be a malignant BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma – skin cancer of sorts). This would refuse to heal and I have since had it re-excised (I had 15 stitches this time) and have since been given the all clear and the wound has healed quite well.

I am not afraid of scars as I was bought up with scars all around me. My mum has scars covering almost 40% of her body. When she was 11 camping at the beach with her family in 1960 (mum is #8 of 11 children), she was lighting a Metho stove to make dinner, it blew-up, and she is lucky to be alive. Her brother rolled her burning body out in the sand and mum had multiply skin grafts. Therefore, scars don’t worry me at all.

I am saddened to hear that the local SSS scrap club is wrapping up after 3 years. Nevertheless, I do understand that family issues come first.

Best of Luck to Cassie and Petrina on their future adventures through the path of life.

Take care all,
p.s. I will endeavour to post pics of layouts shortly.