04 May, 2011

Where have you been recently........

Well late Friday evening after a Catholic dinner for Good Friday consisting of crispy fried Salmon fillets on a bed of smushed peas & a good helping of mashed potato, wedge of lemon & a twist of orange & sprig of parsley (for decoration of course) we headed off for the big smoke of Mungar to visit with my mum & her new partner.

We arrived about 10pm.  I slept on the floor while the 2 kids slept in the Queen sized bed (hubby was working all through the Easter break).  Realising I left my medications at home I could not sleep.  I was woken by DS's mobile phone alarm at 7 am.  Thank you Son!!!

We did the dash into town of Maryborough & got a few extra groceries for a barbecue at my sister's & her boyfriend's place at Yerra.  A good feed of seafood, steak & salad went down a treat.  mmmmmm Yum

A ride on the horse lands me with so many bruises on my legs & thighs. No, I did not fall off !!!  The saddle wasn't designed for big mummy's (I am overweight & I know that I am) the saddle I rode in was mine from when I was a kid growing up on a farm. G J Schneider saddle is a western style saddle with high thigh pads (pommel) & tall seat (cantle) which my big bum (I have have a curved lower spine at my coccyx - a fall when young did this damage, which makes my bum looks so big) just fitted in it the seat.

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