15 May, 2011

Another proud moment in my life

Today it was my son's turn to make me Proud to be a mum.  I can now appreciate being a mum.

We were shopping in the local mall and my son and his mate wanted to look in KMart for the NERF guns (newest trend for tweens) when I could not find them I had them called over the loud speaker when my phone rings.  It is a friend letting me know he is on his way to the front of the store.

My friend finds me and tells me that she was beaming with pride also.

She was absolutely astounded that my son had found her and asked he to phone me to ask where I was so he could find me just seconds before my announcement went through the store.  She was proud that he had chosen her, trusted her enough to phone me (he even knew my mobile number off by heart)

Thank you my children.  I now know that I am doing a great job in raising my children, with respect (sometimes Miss M) and forethought to let me know what is happening around them and what the consequences are for me.

I LOVE YOU BOTH    xxxxxxx


Rachael B said...

He is a good boy and yes you are doing a good job. It is not always easy especially when we have to do most of the chid rearing by ourselves (Craig is home for 7days in May) but certainly we can partake in the pride knowing that we (mostly alone) have guided them along the right path. They will stray but we will be there to pick up the pieces and pull them back. Good job Lorelle!

Paula said...

I'm so pleased for you Lorelle. I was so proud of him too.