31 January, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Thank you to everyone one who emailed, telephoned me or sent me a text message for my birthday, today. I love you all. It was nice to know who loves you on a day when you are feeling every year of their age.

My DH, DD & DS eventually got me a nice new fan, but not just a average fan but a stainless steel bladed fan (#1 setting can almost blow you over if you are standing too close). I LOVE IT! (of course I do I picked it, as usual). My wonderful mum gave me a set of bath sheets in Navy, it covers a multitude a stains that the kids make - my kids use bath towels to clean up paint spills etc instead of paper towels.

My scrapping girlfriends came over for our usual scrapping night and I was surprised that I was the only 1 in PJ's.

I absolutely love the glass balls that Katie gave me, you are just too naughty.

My beautiful friend Sandra gave me a lovely quote book, GJ coffee voucher and a SUPER bubble wand (yes the kids variety, because she knew that I would go nutty over it) I used it on Saturday morning and drove the next door neighbours kids crazy chasing the bubbles as they went over the fence into their yard. I love IT!!!
OOPS I almost forgot to mention the BEAUTIFUL Princess Castle Chocolate Cake that Sandra made from scratch. I don't have photos (thank goodness as I look my age now). You are just too much Sandra - THANK YOU!!!! my friend.

Lastly not to forget the other wonderful friends that share the same birthday with me:
MAYAKLA (Sandra's little girl, who was 3 on Saturday)
Debbie (my friend from my DS school)
I hope you all had a lovely day.

Here is the card that DH,DD & DS gave me (do you think they are maybe scrappers at heart)

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Sandra L said...

You don't look a day over 21. I shall post a picture of you and your cake tonight on my blog. I enjoyed making the cake and it was my pleasure Lorelle. I promise to have my PJ's on this Friday night. Sandra xxxxx