13 October, 2007

Hours countdown....

Well only a few hours left til The CAC Scrap Day. It is unfortunate that it falls within the same week as the Wonder Women's Scrap Nite, as there will only be approx 12 of us but still an nice enough number of scrapper to have an enjoyable day scrapping, yakking etc.

But before I even start the day off scrapping I have a fashion parade I am going to attend with my friend Dianne (we met approx 6 months ago now where I previously worked) She has been a great listener, great advise too what more can a gal need.
see you at 9am (I think)

I am still not well but, I will do my best to get something done, because, next Friday night I doubt I will even open my scrap bag let alone scrap up a storm.

Till next time - Lelli

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