31 October, 2007

Hospital Stay

My little man is currently in hospital. Nothing too serious, but, he had his Adenoid Tonsillectomy earlier this morning and he isn't doing too well at the moment. He was fine when he came out of theatre "Patient of the Day" he was named by recovery nurses. His 1st does of pain killers was 2 hours after he left recovery but this afternoon he took a turn just after I left his side to come home to have a shower and finish off my tax return (another story for another day) I got back to the hospital to find my little trooper looking quite green around the gills indeed. So upon relieving dad of his watch keeping duties my little man decided that he didn't want to keep down his little sandwich & ice cream anymore and bought it up along with blood, spit etc. Needless to say this happened just 5 minutes before the ENT specialist walked in the door to check on him. Dr decided that my little man had to stay overnight (to start with). OK I can live with that but, Gianni was sick again (after being given some medicine to stop him from being sick) more blood, spit etc was bought up - just for mum - YAHOO, thank you son!

I left dad on watch duties tonight while I bought Miss Attitude home to go to bed as she has to go to school tomorrow (despite having today off). I will relieve dad of his duties tomorrow morning after taking Miss to school, might drop into the hospital first though.

Will post update later.

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Petrina McDonald said...

ouch! poor little fella....Get well soon Gianni!