19 May, 2007

OMG! What day is it?

OK! I have now worked 6 days in a row, I'm stuffed & I still got another full day of scrapping ahead of me tomorrow. Yes, it is the SSS Australia's Biggest Morning Tea annual fundraiser. So we "Scrappers" are in for a treat (so I was told by a close source), but, we don't have enough scrappers - So if you are interested in scrapping tomorrow for 6 or so hours, I know where there's a place for you to come & create.

http://www.i-scrap-therefore-i-am.blogspot.com 10.30am is when it all starts. I've heard whispers that there maybe a Baptism on in the church next door, so keep that yelling and hollering and excitement down when you arrive please - at least until you get in the hall, ok! ;-) Don't forget Petrina's challenge 1 of many on the day - get scrappin' mine's done - yes there is a first for everything.Now it is brag time - my little princess (maybe not - sometimes) got a 2nd place in the Crafty Kids section of the Sew What's Crafty Expo earlier today. She doesn't get it from me though, cause I can't even draw stick man any better than a 2 year old (sad huh!)

Fingers, toes, everything crossed that the Maryborough yearly show shows some compassion, this year (if I am good enough to win anything) it actually pays, $3-00 for a 1st & $1.75 for a 2nd & 50c for a 3rd. YAHOO. Getting paid for doing what I love to do to pass the time away. LOL!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot CONGRATS again goes to Petrina for taking out the MASTERS SECTION of the Sew What's Crafty Expo earlier today. So ladies/gents (as if anyone is going to read this) there is going to be chockies tomorrow (so I've been lead to believe)then it's on!

SEE YOU THERE, thinking of you Stephanie - hope your feeling a little better today than yesterday & better still tomorrow.


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I Scrap therefore I am said...

I read your blog mate!!! So even if you have an audience of only ONE at least it is an important ONE!!!!
And what about congratulating yourself on your wins today too - legend scrapper!! Hey, bring that wedding one along with the windows tomorrow - I need a closer look at it, ok?
Any chocolates left????
Petrina :)