30 June, 2011

Experiment in progress

I am experimenting with my kids.  I have given each of them $50 to purchases their food for the next week.  This includes their snacks.  Why??? I hear you ask....  Well the truth is I am sick of hearing "Mum there is nothing to eat.  Mum what is for lunch, tea or breakfast?"  So off they both toddled into the supermarket. Miss M into Coles (so she can use her staff discount card, points to her for initiative) Mr G wanted to go to Aldi (points also to him as it is the cheapest in town)

Miss M purchased 1 bottle of coke for the week, well it didn't last past tea time as her BF was over for a meal and he loves coke.  She tried to keep it from him by pushing the half empty bottle under the table so he couldn't drink any more.

Mr G bought 3 bottles of softdrink costing less than Miss M's 1 bottle of coke.

The both bought meat. Miss M bought 2 piddly pork steaks for the price of 2kg's of mince the Mr G purchased.

Miss M bought lollies while Mr G purchased a cake mix and 1kg of yoghurt.  Now don't forget these kids are 15 1/2 & just turned 12.

I am not sure who will last the longest but I have a heavy feeling Mr G will.  Both did have some change left from their original $50.  There are allowed the use toilet paper, milk, eggs etc but all else thay have to provide.

Miss M had a pasta meal tonight with sauce & almost a whole bottle of coke (thanks to the BF Sam). 
Mr G had rissoles he made from the mince and a mixed salad (pre-mixed packet).  Mr G still has some left over for lunch tomorrow.

Let me know who you think will last the distance.....  Or if you try it out on your kids........

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