29 March, 2011


Yes, FOUND ruler & scissors too.

Both my darling children had these items buried under 2 tonne of crap on their bedroom floors.

My son had my ruler ("but you said it was white, mum").  I went through his bedroom like a cyclone & took out 2 full garbage bags full of rubbish/crap/paper/wool.  Under his toy rubbish bin (like those sold at Reject Shop) was my RULER!!!!!  He helped me empty my scrapping goodies from 20 Feb visit & borrowed my ruler cause just cause & forgot to return it mum.

My daughter looked me in the eye on the way to school "No, mum I didn't take your scissors I have my own"  but low and behold I found them on her makeup table under crap/makeup/hair extensions.  When confronted with this she stated "I don't know how they got there mum".

KIDS WHO'D HAVE THEM!!!!!!  If you do I have 2 free, toilet trained & mannered.

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Helen said...

Hi Lorelle,
Nice to catch up yesterday. I have an award for you over on my blog if you'd like to accept it.