30 January, 2011


I know my posts here have been few and far between.

I just wanted to let you all know what I didn't realise until recently.  I have fantastic friends who love and care for me regardlessly.

Firstly, you want to know why I am surprised?  A few years back I thought I had a best friend (she was my maid of honour) and I was telling her a story about how I mentioned that she was my best friend, and then she hit me with a 10 tonne boulder, she told me that she only thought of me as someone she went-to-school-with-friend. WHAT!!! Then why did she agree back in 2000, to be my maid of honour and travel 12+ hrs by bus to do it??? I didn't & still don't understand this.

So, since then, I have been very careful not to get to close to any particular friend for fear of this happening again, I don't think I could have gone through that pain again.

But, on Friday afternoon I found out that I do have many friends who love me.  They are having a 40th birthday party for me tomorrow.  (My husband is away and he not into having any kind of party regardless of who it is or why, don't know why this is).

Thank you Sandra (All Things Crafty) for organising this, I really do appreciate it.  Yes, I did cry when Sandra phoned to let me in on her secret party in case there was someone else who I wanted to come along, because, I didn't think I am worthy of friends.  And now I know I am.

So Happy 40th Birthday to for tomorrow (Just to rub my hubby's nose in it for not throwing me a party, slacker)

Have a fantastic day everyone. xxxxxx


Rachael B said...

Happy Birthday Lorelle! Have a wonderful time at your party tonight.

Sandra L said...

You are more than welcome Lorelle. And you are more than worth it. You are my special friend..... lol
Had a great time at your party and will post some pictures on Facebook tomorrow. Hey I might even update my blog this week. Hey I am still wearing my head piece. Happy Birthday Lorelle. Hope you had an enjoyable night. xxxx