01 October, 2009

What do I do?

Today Miss M was to go with a friend to do a bit of window shopping at the local shopping centre.
But the only thing wrong with this is, the girl she was going with had her mother come and collect Miss M from our home and to go from there.
But the childs mother collecting Miss M failed to come in to my home and introduce herself to me before taking my child from our home.
What kind of mother would take another mother's child without introducing herself first to the childs mother. Needless to say this all happened in a moment of seconds while I was on the telephone.
Regardless to say, Miss M got a phone call from this very distressed mother demanding she return home immediately.
When Miss M was dropped home, the mother who took her from my home, definately got what for for taking someone's child without at least letting the mother know she was leaving.

If I was to call the police what would I tell them: No surname known of child, no known address of child, unknown model of car driven, no first name of the childs mother who had taken Miss M, no description of the childs mother etc

How stupid are some people........ So, Miss M is not allowed out of my sight again for quite a long time to come!!!!!!!

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