06 September, 2009

My 3rd Stampin' Up! Workshop

My lovely friend Shandell was so kind to host an in-home workshop with me yesterday afternoon. She welcomed me into her happy home with open arms. As I set up my goodies I met her extended family inluding her little nephew (now I know why she raves on about him, he is such a cutie)

As the guests arrived I was surprised how many of them I knew prior to knowing Shandell.

There was my previous mentor (from way back in the day when I did Tupperware) and long time friend Joy and her lovely friend Pamela. Cassie whom I have know now for some 5 years and her friend Donna and her mother Joan. Shandell's best friend Kathy and her little bubby Mitchell (wow, what a heart breaker he will be in the years to come) and Shandell's lovely MIL Dianne.

I am sure everyone had a fun, entertaining time. My workshop was only supposed to be 2 hours long, but, I was there of approx. 5 hours. There were some little incidents that 1 can only giggle at. Poor Shandell, I hope the ink stains come out of your beautiful kitchen bench.

I hope eveyone had fun making a little something different for christmas gift cards.

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Shandell said...

Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon! We had a wonderful time and the workshop was fabulous! I can't wait for the next catalogue to come out :o)