19 August, 2009

Monday - OMG ........................

I almost had to call the police on Monday afternoon.

My DD went missing for over 1 hour after school (in her school uniform too). She went for a blood test and was feeling a little nauseous so she wanted to sit in the car and chill out. So thinking I could trust her I went with my mum and DS to buy a Wii & Wii Fit for the extended families. Going back to the car DD said she was fine and would look after DS while I quickly ducked up again to the supermarket to buy a hot chook for tea. When I got back to the car DD was missing. DS said she had a friend meet her at the car and that they went up into the shopping centre. I was so mad, as she wasn't supposed to leave the car let alone leave DS alone. I am so thankful that I only gone 5 minutes but DD managed to escape. I called her mobile and it went straight to voice mail. So, she knew that what she had done was so wrong.

I drove around looking for her and searched the shopping centre too, I had her called over the intercom too. Eventually her friend called me and asked if DD was with me and NO she wasn't her friend called in her mum who happens to work in the shopping centre. The mum then phoned me and said that DD was with her.

I tell you I was so cranky by now that it took DD an hour to call me and let me know that she was okay. When DD and the mum met me back in the car park DD was crying and so she should have I was so ready to kick her bum all the way home.

DD said she had to make an important phone call and had no reception on her mobile phone and had to go up into the shopping centre to get reception. But, DD didn't think that excuse through as I had reception because I got her phone calls. I got 4 different versions of the reason why she got out of the car and the only 1 I believe is DS's.

Boy isn't DD not happy with me as when she got home everything that she holds dear was withheld from her for 1 month.

before going to be she tried to negotiate her punishment down to 15 days and "she had learnt her lesson".

I went through her school bag Tuesday morning before school started and found: 1 curling iron, 2 lip gloss', 1 mascara, 1 eyelash curler, 1 foundation cover-up stick.

I caught her last night trying to steal back some of the confiscated items from me plus she had been into my room going through the hidden stash. DD has popped her eyelash curler into her bra but silly girl didn't hide it too well as I could see it. Obvioulsy she has learnt her lesson NOT!!!!

This morning she went to school with no make-up on and she come home with make-up on. I can see that she still hasn't learnt anything by being punished.

I am at my wits end with this child. Bring back smacking - it never hurt me to learn my lesson that way, as I remembered what a good smack felt like and I didn't dare disobey my mum.


Sandra L said...

Oh Lorelle, I think there is nothing wrong with a good smack. If it is deserved then I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I think you should take it all away for another month. Really make her appreciate what she has. Will talk to you tomorrow.

Linda M said...

Sorry late reply, next time this happens, call the police, that may scare the >?>?>? out of her and pull her into line. Has Dad any influence on her?
B..... teenagers eh!!