26 May, 2009

Chasing Desperately - VERY PUNNY

I know it sounds weird but I am seriously looking for this Stampin Up stamp set.

Why???????? (I hear you ask)

The truth of the matter is some time back I was at a fundraiser and purchased a few tickets in this bottle stall - (you know the one where you pay say $5 and get say 10 tickets and the matching tickets are attached to 10 different bottles)

Well, I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to end up with 4 lovely funny stamps from believe it or not from the VERY PUNNY Stampin Up stamp set, but, I have since found out that those stamps are from a set of 8 and no longer available from Stampin Up :-(

I have been on the internet and searched EBAY consistantly but to no avail (well that technically isn' completely true there are 2 available in USA but postage and the exchane rate would kill me)

So, if you know anyone who has a VERY PUNNY Stampin Up stamp set & would like to perhaps sell it to me I would be most greatful.

I know I hear you again what would I do with the 4 I already have if by some miracle someone out there is willing to part with theirs, well, I would donate those 4 that I do currently have to
my local scrap club which meets every 4th Sunday (it is a non profit club)

Below I have a picture of the stamp set which I copied from the internet.

If you can help me please email me.

Many Thank You's


Shandell said...

Will keep an eye out for you :o) Love the new look blog :o)

Sandra L said...

Not I said the Fly on the wall in the Hall.... LOL I will keep a look out for you.