12 December, 2007

A baby.....bloody ugly baby

Several weeks ago my husband bought my son 2 supposedly female Zebra finches, who then laid 6 eggs and finally hatched 1 baby the weekend of my daughter's 12th birthday. Sadly, the baby died 2 days later as mum & dad had kicked it out of the nest (first time parents) as this was their first breeding this can happen from time to time.
This was a learning curve for my son & husband to stop spying on them every 5 minutes. The supposedly 2 females have now laid again. I have been advised that Zebra finches breed worse than rabbits and can nest anywhere, including the seed container.

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Cassie and Co said...

Lorrell, miss you already, and I DO expect to see you next year. I guess I will be attending the same sunday scrap session as you, where ever that is.

Thanks for the lovely comment about Sam, he is so beautiful, he came back to school after schoolies week and gave me a silver necklace that had a little spanner on it. So sweet.

See you in the new year, have a great christmas.