31 August, 2007

My Jill G-G thoughts

Due to gremlins in someone's system (no blamed layed anywhere on anyone) but here is my l/o for ASJ Aug Comp, it didnt go through but here it is anyway.


Deirdre Heath said...

Lorelle! You should have let Petrina know! I am soooooooo sorry you didnt manage to get your entry through to us. This month, if you have trouble, please leave us a comment and I will get in touch with you :) We will get your LO in somehow :)
I's a gorgeous LO, cant wait to see what you do with the jack this month :)

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh Dee, she did!!! But I was too late, sorry!!! Fantastic layout Lorelle - grrrr to the gremlins!!!
Love, P